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Hello and welcome !

You've landed in a place where you will find happiness through my music.

I'm a songwriter, a composer and a singer. I want you to know that my music is written from my heart and its purpose is to bring you joy immediately.

Life can be tough and my music is here to help you through tough times, as it did for me.

If you want to know more about me, here's my story

OOLALA is a lovely bubblegum song. I just love it !

— BBC Radio Oxford

Your video No One Is Safe just popped up in my YouTube feed and it is so cute and an excellent song. Your incredible personality really shines through your work.

I know you’ve heard this before but you make people feel good when you’re around them. I used to be in amazement at how free and happy you were. I would tell my friends about you after I came back home.

You really have a positive impact on people. I still have your picture on my refrigerator all these years later.

I am so proud of you for filling your dreams and entertaining people in the process.

— Jane from California

So cute ! She makes me so happy !

— Kader

If you change your state, you change your life. My music will bring you happiness instantly and you will be in a good mood to do what you really want to do. So here's my gift to YOU :

Oolala is an expression the French use when something goes wrong. In this song, I tell in a funny way an embarrassing moment of my life, that I was able to transform into a fun song.

And YOU, what’s YOUR #OolalaMoment ?

If you want to hear another song, please give me your email and I'll send YOU "Puppet". I wrote this song when I was in an all-girls boarding school. I realized then, the power that any man has : they can make a girl feel like a puppet on a string.

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receive $1370 in gifts NOW with the album !

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I am a songwriter and a composer. I want to make the world a happier place.

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