I used to struggle with anxiety, and writing really changed everything for me. 

Hi ! My name is Melanie. I write songs and books. My songs' happy tunes just make me feel relaxed and joyful. The stories I write are uplifting, and I want to share them with you. 

I feel like, as a young girl, the pressure, the stress, can be enormous.

In fact, did you know that 1 out of 10 kids and 1 out of 3 teens suffer from anxiety ? And girls are 60% more affected than boys ! Anxiety is a real problem now, and it has increased by 27% among kids and teens since 2016.  

My mother and I wrote a book about it. In book 1 of this fictional series “Selena has anxiety”, an influencer shares 3 secrets about success and how to get rid of anxiety.

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You’ll also get a second book as a gift. This one is called "Speak up, Miss !". It is a story about a shy girl who was having trouble at school because of her faint voice, and how her weakness became her biggest strength. 

Both books have been professionally illustrated. 

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I hope you’ll enjoy these gifts from me, and that you’ll dance to my songs like no one is watching. I’m leaving you with a first song that you can listen to, called Oolala*.

This one has been selected by The BBC and received an award for best song of the year.

* Oolala is an expression the French use when something goes wrong. In this song, I tell, in a funny way, an embarrassing moment of my life, that I was able to transform into a fun song.

And YOU, what’s YOUR #OolalaMoment ? Tell me all about it on my Insta @MelanieLemesle, which is exclusively open to my fans who got the album.

As my special gift for you, here’s a second song you can download for FREE : "Puppet".

I wrote this song when I was in an all-girls boarding school. This song is about boys... :) And it's a fun tune.

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My name is Melanie.

I'm a songwriter, a composer and a singer. In that drawing, you see me with a sad face. But I'm not like that anymore. I'm super joyful. And that's all thanks to my pop music album.

When I was 11, my mom and I lost our home. I remember holding her hand and walking out the door with one suitcase each and nowhere to go. 

In the scary moments, I started to sing the songs I had written . It was at this time that I discovered that my music made life easier. My songs brought strength and joy to myself and people around me. 

Throughout the hardships, my songs brought us so much joy and fulfillment that we overcame our fears and made it through the difficult times. 

In moments of joy, my music brought us even more fun, more excitement, more serenity, more magic ! 

I want to share this music with you to make you feel that joy and energy! 

I have a dream now of building a joyful community, where you'll feel accepted and appreciated. A group where everyone can count on each other's support. I don't want to be just another pop singer, I want to make my music useful. 

OOLALA is a lovely bubblegum song. I just love it !

— BBC Radio Oxford

Your video No One Is Safe just popped up in my YouTube feed and it is so cute and an excellent song. Your incredible personality really shines through your work.

I know you’ve heard this before but you make people feel good when you’re around them. I used to be in amazement at how free and happy you were. I would tell my friends about you after I came back home.

You really have a positive impact on people. I still have your picture on my refrigerator all these years later.

I am so proud of you for filling your dreams and entertaining people in the process.

— Jane from California

So cute ! She makes me so happy !

— Kader

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One book is called Selena has anxiety. In this fictional story, a famous influencer reveals her secrets on success, and on how to fight anxiety.

The second book, Speak up, Miss !, is about the extraordinary adventure of a shy girl, who was having a tough time at school because of her faint voice.

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