When I was 11, my mom and I lost our home. I remember holding her hand and walking out the door with one suitcase each and nowhere to go. 

In the scary moments, I started to sing the songs I had written . It was at this time that I discovered that my music made life easier. My songs brought strength and joy to myself and people around me. 

Throughout the hardships, my songs brought us so much joy and fulfillment that we overcame our fears and made it through the difficult times. 

In moments of joy, my music brought us even more fun, more excitement, more serenity, more magic ! 

I want to share this music with you to make you feel that joy and energy! 

I have a dream now of building a joyful community, where you'll feel accepted and appreciated. A group where everyone can count on each other's support. I don't want to be just another pop singer, I want to make my music useful. 

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